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Between 2015 and 2022, our team, serving as the Dental Deans Council Education and Research Subcommittee (DDC-ERS) for 7 years, has contributed to numerous studies. Some of these studies include: Pre-Graduation Dentistry Education, National Core Training Program (DNCTP) 2016 and 2021 Minimum Criteria to Start Education in Dental Faculties Recommendations for Improving the Academic Environment in Our Country in Contemporary Dentistry Doctoral and Specialty Training in Contemporary Dentistry Proposal for Question Distribution in Dental Specialization Exam Evaluation of Equivalence of Educational Programs Extended Education Program Preparation Workshop Most recently, our team completed its term by preparing and presenting DNCTP-2021, the second revision of Pre-Graduation Dentistry Education, National Core Training Program, to the Deans Council. This team, which established a highly collaborative working environment and dedicated itself to the improvement of dental education, decided to continue its work independently as the National Dentistry Education Volunteers (NDEV) following the completion of its duties in DDC.


To contribute to the improvement of dental education in Turkey through engaging in educational and research activities and providing support.


Being the driving force in achieving a standard for Turkish dentistry education beyond international standards.


We believe in the power of doing business with team spirit and common sense.

We are happy to share the information.

We recognize that transparency is the driving force of development.

We believe in the necessity of supporting participation.

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